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  2. bongsniffer:

    i woke up like dis

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  3. speakeasytherapy:


    accidentally bumps into someone


    "you don’t have to keep apologizing" 


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  4. this is like me trying to showcase my talents for job interviews. 

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  5. vomitus-creeper:

    All dem hoes

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    1. you: whats ur major
    2. me: have u heard of lesbian witchcraft?
    3. you: there arent many jobs in that field u know.......
    4. me: *turns u into a gay ass frog*

  6. chubbinafatzarelli:

    character development

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  8. pineapplefiendwillriseagain:

    This is my little baby cousin and he is dressed as a smoke detector for Halloween

    None of us know why but he is really obsessed with smoke detectors

    That’s all he’s asked for in the way of presents these past two years

    He calls them “snoke edectors”

    Also he has a scrapbook of everyone in the family posing with their smoke detectors

    the end

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